Eric Church Explains Behind The Song “Mr Misunderstood”

eric church,mr misunderstood

Eric Church just released a video explaining the story behind his latest breakout song “Mr Misunderstood.” This was a surprise release as he announced the day of as his fans went crazy. It ended up being a huge release with it being such a surprise, you can find the song on iTunes here.

After being released to “The Church Choir” who is Church’s official fan club, the song surged to number 2 on Billboards Country Charts. It also reached number 2 on Billboards Top 200. This all happened after it was released the next day to iTunes after his super fans and select radio stations got a hold of this surprise song and album. In the video Church States:

“ive never had a band member try to pay me to re-cut a song.

Referring to the first take of the song and recording it live without a click. The song deviates in its tempo because of that as he also states:

“Because it is a living breathing thing, it might have been the first take, you can feel it slow down and you can feel it speed up”

Check out the rest of the interview in the video at the beginning of this article.