Dustin Lynch pulls through awkward interview with WGNA’s radio host Nick Kessler.

When it comes to the “Worst Interviews Ever,” Dustin Lynch isn’t the only victim.

You can find many other interviews that are the worst ever on WGNA’s YouTube channel.

Including anybody from Dustin Lynch, Justin Moore, to Eli Young Band.

Lynch plays on Kessler’s interview so well as he tries to trip him up in every way possible, but Lynch doesn’t have it.

In a funny segway in the interview, Kessler states:

“I really like your song, uhh, it escapes me right now.”

“‘Mind Reader!’ When you wrote that was that like literal? Did you know a woman who could read minds?”

Check out the full interview above, see if you can get through the interview as seamless as “Dusty.”