David Nail has released three interview videos honoring the struggles of these few people in his new ‘Fighter’ series.

This series is also in reference to his recent album and song called ‘Fighter.’

Mobile users can also click here for video above.

The people in this series have gone through anything from active service loved ones not making it home, to addictions.

In the first story above, we hear from Crissy Carpenter, who had lost her husband, Andy, after shot in Afghanistan. She states:

“I get a call from a number i don’t recognize, and calling from marine core head quarters.

he starts reading a report stating andy got shot while on patrol in afghanistan, and that he was on a ventilator.”

These struggles are unimaginable for most, it is a very enlightening action for David to bring these stories out.

You can also find Patrick & Holly Wright’s story below, mobile users click here.

And also check out Brenda’s story of her addiction below, mobile users click here.

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