Darius Rucker shares story behind latest single ‘If I Told You’ in recent interview with UMG. This slow melody of a hometown grown man, asks for forgiveness and also love no matter the implications.

Rucker explains that this is such a ‘Darius’ song even with not having anything to do with the writing stating:

“when i heard ‘if i told you’ for the first time, it resonated so much with me. i thought it was such a darius song.

I thought it was about me, i thought i should have written it, felt like it came from my soul. I didn’t even have anything to do with writing it.”

When referring to relating to fans, he also explains that this is one meant to resonate with everybody stating:

“I want to the fans to really take away that this song is real. it is about if i bury my soul, will you still love me.

it’s such an intense song because it means so much to me.”

This is an intimate song that many can relate to in this world, as Darius is one to influence positively. You can find this song on Apple Music here.

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