Craig Morgan’s Son Reportedly Missing After Boating Accident


[UPDATE: The body of Craig Morgan’s son, Jerry Greer, has been recovered from Kentucky Lake, please send prayers to Craig Morgan and family to find healing.]

In a circulation of rumors and maybe truths, Craig Morgan’s son is reportedly missing after boating accident.

In an update from US101Country on iHeart Radio, it is stated:

“Police are not saying anything on record as of right now. ALL they will say is that there were two involved in a tubing accident and that one has been found. 

Craig is an active Sheriff’s Deputy and we are thinking out of respect for him and his family that they are making sure nothing is leaked before it is confirmed.”

However, the status of Morgan’s son is currently missing, there has been many accusations including drowning.

They also go on to state in the full story update:

“The official status is that Craig’s son is MISSING.

There was a boating accident yesterday, and he has not been found, but police and coast guard are actively looking for him.”

With nothing being confirmed by the family, we do not want to come to any conclusion.

If these rumors turn out to be true, the least we can do is send prayers to the Morgan family.

We will update this story as soon as a confirmed comment from Craig himself come out in the next days.