Craig Campbell’s New WCW Covers “Redneck Woman”

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Craig Campbell has a new series on his YouTube channel where he covers songs written and performed by women. This week he covers “Redneck Woman.” It comes out every Tuesday as it is named Woman Cover Wednesday (WCW).

Amongst all of the social media Woman Crush Wednesdays and Men Crush Mondays, Campbells music version is refreshing. Most artists of his status wouldn’t take the time to do such an impromptu piece just for their followers on YouTube.

Craig is known to be a down to earth guy, who got his start the hard way on the Broadway music scene in downtown Nashville. Which he explains:

“When i used to play on lower broadway, i played piano for my wife Wendy when she’d do this song, and sometimes I would do it just for the fun of it”

Along with just playing it he says:

“people would dare me, can you play this song? Yes i can, they would say no you can’t, put 20 dollars in the tip jug and i’ll show ya.”

We hope Craig will always be as down to earth as he has shown us this far in his career. Let us know what you think of this new series in the comments below!