Cole Swindell Shares Story Behind ‘Middle Of A Memory’

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Cole Swindell has released a behind the scenes video where he shares the story behind “Middle Of A Memory.”

This is Cole’s latest single from his album ‘You Should Be Here.’

In an interview about the story and inspiration behind this single, he states:

“it’s about finding a girl out, having a couple of drinks, and feeling like you already knew each other.”

Referring to the origin of the song, he also states:

“We were actually writing for a song called ‘kiss,’ after the second verse we all stopped.”

“The second verse said ‘girl you left me here with half a beer, in the middle of a memory'”

At that moment, they dropped ‘Kiss’ for the time being and started writing Middle Of A Memory.

Check out the video below, you can also find this song on iTunes here.

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