Chris Young has released a fiery music video for his single ‘Sober Saturday Night,’ featuring Vince Gill. Mobile users click here for video.

This song is Young’s third single, which was released to country radio June 6th, 2016. Derived from his latest hit album ‘I’m Comin’ Over,’ Chris has seen tremendous success so far with this song.

Also featuring┬áVince Gill, who has influenced so many Country Artists including Young.┬áVince also released a stunning album called ‘Down To My Last Bad Habit‘ a while back.

Sober Saturday Night is a testament to what a situations people face being sober or drunk on any given night. This song happens to be talking about a Saturday night, and take us through how a couple handles these situations.

From loving each other one night, to drinking to much and finding themselves to be abusive the next.

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