Chris Stapleton’s New Music Video For “Fire Away” Tests Emotional Boundaries


chris,stapleton,fire away

Chris Stapleton has been on a surge of popularity after his break through performance at the CMA Awards with Justin Timberlake. He saw a big jump in sales on his debut album “Traveller” and has not stopped the tour grind since.

He has been scheduled to tour with Luke Bryan and Hank Williams Jr. this year. All while selling out the Ryman Auditorium for three nights and performing at the Grammys within weeks.

“Fire Away” is the second song on this album and arguably the most emotional tagged with this new video. With portraying mental illness and the suffering that comes with it, Stapleton is trying to raise awareness through his music at This song was also co-written by Danny Green along with Stapleton. Check out the music video above, and lyrics below:

Honey load up your questions
And pick up your sticks and your stones
And pretend I’m a shelter for heartaches that don’t have a home
Choose the words that cut like a razor
And all that I’ll say is

Fire away
Take your best shot
Show me what you got
Honey, I’m not afraid
Rear back and take aim
And fire away

Well, I wish I could say
That I’ve never been here before
But you know and I know
That I’ll always come back for more
Your love might be my damnation
But I’ll cry to my grave

Chorus x2