Chris Stapleton Performs “Parachute” on SNL


chris stapleton,parachute,snl

Chris Stapleton made his first appearance on SNL last week, January 16th. In true Stapleton fashion, he amazes with another performance of “Parachute” and “Nobody to Blame.” See his performance in the video above.

Stapleton has been on a crazy tide of popularity since he released his album “Traveller.” Released in early 2015, he gained popularity in Nashville because of the big songwriting influencer he is. However, when he swept categories at the CMA Awards this year, he took on a whole new breed of popularity.

Many are thankful for the new music Chris has put out. As the popular opinion of Country as a genre has taken too much influence from other genres such as Pop and Rock. He takes us and many others back to the traditions of Country Music and its no doubt people are loving it. With his exponential fanbase he has now, we are looking forward to a new sequel album soon. You can buy his album “Traveller” here.