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Chris Stapleton, the award winning Songwriter/Artist will be joining Luke Bryans Kill the Lights tour. Chris Stapleton joining a short 8 show summer tour with Hank Williams Jr is not his only plans it turns out. He will be headed to with Luke to cities such as Dallas and Boston and many more. This is a great mixture for Country Musics current state, a mix of traditional and contemporary will make for a diverse show every night.

We like to think that each of these artists bring the young and the older country music fans out to their shows. With Stapletons upcoming tour with legend Hank Williams Jr, I don’t think there’s anybody else deserves the big stage with Bryan like he does. Find the tour dates and destinations here for “Kill the Lights”

With all the tours starting in February, there will be no shortage of shows around the country. Nashville has been an epicenter of shows these last couple of weeks with surprise appearances at the local bars from Justin Moore, to free shows at the NHL All-Star games. An exciting time for the country genre and its fans getting ready for a long and fun summer to come.