Chris Janson Talks On His Journey Here To Success


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Chris Janson just released an emotional video of how he ended up as the growing success he is today. Starting from when he first moved to Nashville, to making it on the big stage at the Opry.

Chris has had a skyrocketing career since his single “Buy My A Boat” hit the radio stations in 2015. He has been releasing music as an artist since 2010 with a single named “‘Till a Woman Comes Along.”

He talks about the phases an upcoming artist phases when moving to Nashville as he states:

“For more cats, they move here, they either do one of three things: they quit, they never really make it, or they make it.”

Clearly Janson is one that is on his way to making it as he is currently on the road as an opener for Blake Shelton’s headlining tour across the country now. Janson has played the Opry multiple times, and tells how this was his first goal for his journey to here:

I had a couple goals after i moved to nashville. the first two were be on the radio, and play the opry.


As he explains that there is only the Grand Ole Opry and Country Radio where he is from. This means it is not just a goal for Janson, but a heritage. Check out one of Jansons Opry performance here.