Chris Janson’s Shows His Love For Wife and Kids In “Holdin’ Her” Music Video (WATCH)

chris janson,holdin,her,music,video

Chris Janson has just released a music video for his song “Holdin’ Her.” As expected, this song features Jansons wife and family to help complete the picture of what the song is really about. Chris is definitely a family man, and he has confessed that he may not of been in the past.┬áThis video starts with him stating:

“I saw my wife for the first time 9 years ago, and called it right off the bat.”

As he is referring to not knowing what life is like before he got married he says:

“Until I got married and walked into a house that was already a home with kids in it, shortly there after god blessed me with two more babies.”

You can find this song on iTunes here. Let us know what you think of this family ballad in the comments below!