Chris Janson Reveals Story Behind “Holdin’ Her”

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Chris Janson favorite song of his is his oldest written called “Holdin’ Her.” In an interview with the Grand Ole Opry, he reveals the backstory to this powerful ballad.

It all started in a bar in downtown Nashville, as he said in a booth with some buddies he states:

“I looked over at the staircase, and all the sudden what now my wife, was comin’ down the stairs. I looked at my buddies and i said i’m gonna marry her.

With all the doubt in the world Jansons friends rejected the idea, but in the end it all worked out and thus a successful song also came from the situation as he adds:

“I said well watch me work buddy, I’m gonna do it. It took several years of bumping into her in different scenarios and i never spoke to her i was so freaked out, but I beieve god works in mysterious ways.”

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