Chelsea Gill releases ‘A Little Crazy’ music video, as featured on her self-titled EP. This song takes a different approach on love than what we usually see in the Country genre. We hear about love almost all the time, however, crazy and uncontrollable love is something we don’t hear as often.

Chelsea Gill - A Little Crazy

The lead chorus says it all with the lyrics:

“We need a little action baby, let’s go out on the town.

’till all we remember is a flurry of whiskey, gettin’ tipsy, and letting go.”

The video takes us through a night of being ‘a little crazy’ as the couple takes on an adventurous night. From their living room texting, to a black eye at the bar, they explore each others crazy sides again.

Chelsea explains the motive behind the song when she originally wrote it stating:

“I wrote the song ‘A Little Crazy’ as an over-the-top, humorous story to express that we all need to lighten up every once in awhile.

When my genius director and I started exploring the storyline for the video, our goal was to create something unique, sexy, but more than anything, a video that would be a blast to make and watch”

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