Charlie Daniels Takes To Twitter To Talk Politically

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Charlie Daniels is known for being a little controversial about politics every now and again. Usually in the form of his music where he is not afraid to tell it how it is. However, he has since took to social media, like twitter, to talk about his message that people should know.

Many Country Artists are afraid of speaking out in politics after the famous incident with Natalie Maines. Her speaking out on George Bush made the Dixie Chicks reputation with the country music audience take a drastic downhill turn. In a lot of interviews now days, you will not here artists even give hints to where they stand politically because of this.

Charlie Daniels has made an effort to break this wall of political hiding, which can be appreciated whether you agree with his ideals or not. In reference to tonights primary election he tweets:

Which is not confrontational, however, he also tweets about tax statistics in the Country which we’re not sure if this is true or not, but we can assume the Charlie is trying to prove a point none the less.