Charles Kelley Talks On His Solo Opry Debut (WATCH)

charles kelley,solo,opry,debut

Charles Kelley of the trio “Lady Antebellum” has went solo recently with his album “The Driver.” In the latest Grand Ole Opry video, Kelley is asked about his first solo Opry debut.

There was a little pushback when Kelley first announced he would be going lone status for his new music. However, most Lady A. fans and Country music fans as a whole embraced this move, which is very rare compared to other genres. He talks where his start of music came from as he states:

“My mom played a little bit of snare drum, because of that i wanted to get a set of drums, and that’s what got me into music, because of my mom”

He goes on to talk about the family time Lady A. was wanting time off for which is around the time Kelley wrote “The Driver.” Check out the performance in the video below: