Charles Kelley gives us the story behind latest hit ‘Lonely Girl.’

This song is featured as the number 5 track on his solo debut album ‘The Driver.’

This interview also takes place on the set of the official music video which you can watch here.

When asked about the meaning of the song, Director Shaun Silva, states:

“when I heard this song, my mind immediately went to this girl who is trying to get past a break up.

So as she’s dealing with the breakout throughout this day, shes listening to lonely girl and trying to move forward.”

Going on to state that this is such a fun song for such a hard thing to go through. It also is a throwback to 70’s music and provides a little different feel, as Kelley states:

“The song has a bit of an edge to it, it’s actually written form the perspective of the song.

You could take it to the perspective of almost like an ex, but really it’s about something a little deeper than that.”

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