In an interview posted by the CMA, Carrie Underwood takes us behind the song ‘Church Bells.”

As we all know, this song has been a huge success for Underwood from her latest album ‘Storyteller.’

We’ve also seen a number of performances of this song whether from the Grand Ole Opry, to the CMT Awards.

Carrie explains what kind of songs she gravitates toward when feeling edgy stating:

“I love a good strong woman story song, and I feel like that’s kind of what I gravitate towards when I do songs that are a little more edgy.

She also explains further about the songs deeper meaning stating:

“It’s not about revenge, it’s about somebody kind of being pushed where they have to stand up for themselves.

And I hope people are entertained, that’s the point when you find a good story song like that.”

We would argue that the majority of the country is very entertained, as this is her 24 number 1 single.

It is crazy to think of how her career has blossomed into such a powerhouse, breaking records every year.

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