Carrie Underwood shares ‘Nobody Ever Told You’ performance at the Grand Ole Opry. This throwback Opry performance is from a couple years back. This song is featured on Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’ album.

Nobody Ever Told You is a ballad explaining the meaning and beauty everyone holds in this world. Being the modern marvel of Country Music, there is also no better person to sing such a song.

Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’ is also one of her most iconic with all of it’s influential songs such as this one. Including and not limited to huge hit ‘Good Girl’ and album titled track ‘Blown Away’.

Carrie has also played the Grand Ole Opry many times since this video, such as her latest ‘Church Bells‘ performance. She had taken part in Bobby Bones’ Joy Week with singing ‘I Will Always Love You‘ recently as well.

With her raw side of a bad girl not taking any hate, to a sweetheart giving her fans hope across the world. This song stands the test of time along with this album of Underwoods 4 years later. You can find the original recording of this song on Apple Music here.

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