Carrie Underwood releases dark ‘Dirty Laundry’ music video, featured on her most recent ‘Storyteller’ album. Back in August, Underwood had first announced she would have this frank anthem as her next single.

With her not taking no as an answer attitude, this single really kicks it up a notch. It is also her 4th successful single from this album. As always, the songwriters deserve credit as it was Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, and Hillary Lindsey who wrote this tune.

Note from Ashley Gorley about the song:

“Zach’s tracks have a theme of being a little wild and dark and crazy…He was playing these tracks we went through, and all I remember is stumbling into the Ajax┬áline, and that sounding awesome.”

Carrie made a statement on the meaning of the song as she states:

“It’s a take on a cheater in a familiar way, with the lipstick on the collar and the red wine, and there’s all these tell-tale signs that he was with another woman, and it shows on his dirty laundry, But it’s also like she airs it out for the whole world to see”

You can find this song on Apple Music here, and also be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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