Carrie Underwood performed her hit “Church Bells” at the Grand Ole Opry show on June 7th, 2016.

Underwood never disappoints whether she is performing on tour or at her home, the Grand Ole Opry.

The official music video features her singing this song on her ‘Storyteller Tour’ which you can watch here.

Being an all-out kind of artist, she performed one of the best at the CMA Awards last month which you can find here.

This song has been one of her biggest and latest hits to follow up her amazing career so far.┬áIf you haven’t caught on to the meaning, it is about a young woman who marries an older rich gentleman.

Then the young women finds herself in an abusive relationship, and ends up poisoning the older mans drink.

It is a sad dark song, however, it is reality in some peoples lives, which is a testament to Underwood as an artist.

Reaching the lives and bringing situational awareness is the main goal of many artists, as Carrie has done for years.

You can also find her ‘Storyteller’ album on iTune by clicking here.

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