Carrie Underwood recently visited ‘The Tyler Oakley Show’ to promote her latest radio single ‘Dirty Laundry’. Tyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation, turned TV star with his show now under Ellen.

Being known for his goofy interviews, this one is also no exception with Underwood and their laundry. With each picking out a piece of clothes, and answering the questions on them, some answers start to get interesting.

Dirty Laundry is Carrie’s latest single also featured on this hit album ‘Storyteller’ back in 2015. Two years later, she is still releasing radio singles from this 5th full album on her roster. Co-Writer, Ashley Gorley, explained the premise of the song stating:

“Dirty Laundry” is a song about infidelity. Zach’s tracks have a theme of being a little wild and dark and crazy…He was playing these tracks we went through, and all I remember is stumbling into the Ajaxline, and that sounding awesome.”

Ashley also mentions other co-writer and producer Zach Crowell who was also working on the project with Gorley. You can watch the official music video for this new single here.

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