The Academy of Country Music has released an interview and acoustic performance of Cam’s ‘Mayday.’

In the interview, she starts by pointing out where the origin of the song came from:

“mayday came from bad relationships that myself and my cowriter Tyler Johnson both had.

I was in one just way too long, and we talked about how you have that internal dialog with yourself about do I leave, or do i stay”

Cam also goes into how the structure of the song came together with her co-writer, Tyler, as she states:

“Tyler actually brought that ‘Mayday…Mayday’ chorus as he already had it, and also brought the first part of the verses.

and me, like the over thinker i am, I like to add in that third part, that third clause”

She also goes in to state that so many mixed emotions are there when writing, and that’s what she loves about it.

Be sure to check out the official music video for Mayday by clicking here.

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