Britney Monroe Shares Story Behind Debut Single “I Won’t Wait”


Britney Monroe shares her story behind debut single “I Won’t Wait” which was released in 2015.

Monroe is a singer/songwriter originally from San Antonio, who made her move to Nashville to attend college as a songwriter.

After college, she hit the songwriting scene running with a songwriting degree, while also working on this single with a close friend.

When asked about the story behind “I Won’t Wait” she states:

I wrote it about 4 years ago, I wrote about myself, and I kind of got the melody idea first.

it’s about her being cheated on, combined with my story of being in limbo, wanting to stay but shouldn’t.

This story is influenced by her past relationship, with having “one foot in and one out the door.”

Britney is also active with playing live shows, mainly throughout the Southeast, which is another reason she came to Nashville.

She already has a fall tour planned which will mostly be in Texas, however, open to states such as North Carolina, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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