Brett Eldredge Talks Life In “A Man Who Just Wants To Sing”

brett,eldredge,a man who just wants to sing
By User:JCurrington – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Brett Eldredge is one artist who isn’t afraid to bring fans into his life whether it is live videos on social media, to flower bombing pedestrians.

In this new video “A Man Who Just Wants To Sing,” he reveals what brought him to love what he does as a career, singing. Brett states:

“I learned at an early age that if i start singing, i can get through life a lot easier than speaking.”

Referring to his lack of social skills with girls. He plays a lot of fun at himself and the interviewer in this video that comes off as a guy you just can’t not like. As Brett always does, he hilariously goes about social situations as he sings as a car salesman, picks up girls at a party, and a child actor sings to get his cookie.