Brett Eldredge Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of “Wanna Be That Song”

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Brett Eldredge takes of behind the scenes of his recently released music video for “Wanna Be That Song.”

You can watch the original music video by clicking here.

In this behind the scenes interview, referring to Wrigley Field, Eldredge states:

“I grew up going to games here. i grew up listening to games on the radio, thinkin’ boy I wish I was there.

Giving the inspiration behind the song, he refers to it as being a mix of being back home and life experiences. Growing up in Illinois, a lot of big moments and inspiration happened at Wrigley as he states:

“‘Wanna be that song’ is all about those big moments in life.

a lot of my big moments in life have involved this place and this city”

Along with many other musicians, Brett has a love for influencing others in a positive way. Whether it is sharing a relatable song like this, to flower-bombing random pedestrians.

He always keeps his fans in the loop with his huge social media following, which all goes toward songs like these impacting the lives of many.

You can find this song on iTunes here.

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