Brad Paisley releases inspirational ‘Today’ music video to go along with the new single. In famous Paisley fashion, this music video is a dedication to his fans. From all over the world, with those who have shared special moments at his concerts to viral videos.

It is also about a significant other thinking about those they love, who couldn’t be with them that day. Being grateful for those you love is the ultimate message, in which Paisley always nails on the head. With lyrics such as:

“A life can change just as quick as a kiss, it’s not over yet and I already miss, today.”

From soldiers coming home to family and friends, to proposals and weddings, this video really covers it all. With all of the current news and conflict around the world, a musical effort for positivity really is appreciated. We can always count on Paisley to do the right thing and influence those around him in the best possible way.

Check out one of Brad’s featured baby reveals like in the video above, here.

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