Blake Shelton shares how “If I’m Honest” follows his life’s timeline from last year, and going into this year.

In an interview with Larry Flick from SiriusXM, Shelton explains that this is heavier and darker stating:

“I think ’cause life was a bit heavier and darker there for a while, then it came out of it. That’s the cool thing as far as the sequencing of the album, I think that’s a cool thing that we did. We stuck with pretty much the timeline of how last year into the beginning of this year went for me.”

He also explains how he wanted the album to reflect the struggles of getting back out of the hardships stating:

“I wanted to stick with the timeline of how things went for me.

starting with pretty good to bottom falls out and climbing back out of that hole, and that’s kind of how the second half of the album is, is things are turning around and getting better until they’re happy again.”

Of course this is in regards to Shelton’s divorce with Miranda Lambert in 2015, and dating Gwen Stefani currently.

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