Blake Shelton Reveals ‘Worst Thing He Could Have Done’ On 40th Birthday


Blake Shelton reveals the ‘worst thing he could have done’ during his Grand Junction, CO concert.

This concert also happened to land on his 40th birthday, in which Colorado fans were in for a treat.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, he confesses that the surprise he had for fans may have backfired, as he states:

“I’m doing my normal, you know, what I think is rockin’. Standing up there with my acoustic guitar in front of my stand and singing my songs,”

“I had my band work up one of her songs, ‘Hella Good.’ And I thought ‘Man, that’d be so cool to have her come out and surprise,’ and it’s the worst thing I could have done because all it did was make me look terrible.

Literally 40,000 were jumping up and down. I mean, that’s probably what it’s like at real concerts, but I was like ‘Whoa. What’s going on?’ People were so excited to see her.”

You can see the video of this surprise by clicking here.

After the surprise went happened, fans not only in Colorado went crazy, but also on social media.

With everything from Facebook to Instagram posts about how it was the coolest night ever.