Billy Ray Cyrus shares behind the scenes of ‘Thin Line’, which is the album-titled track to his fourth coming album.

The idea behind ‘Thin Line’ came from an explanation of Cyrus gave of his CMT show ‘Still The King’ stating:

some folks had asked me to explain ‘still the king’ in one sentence. I guess best said, it’s a thin line between elvis and jesus.

With many more relatable situations the song can be held to, Cyrus also explains:

“Being here in my home today, the video kind of represents, a little of the ghost of the past, and going full circle, and in some ways looking forward to the future.”

Another fantastic story is when Cyrus received a letter from none other than Johnny Cash in 1992. He explains that Cash wrote it when he was going through a storm of a time in his life as he states:

“to receive that letter from johnny cash, and he ends it with let ’em have it, i’m in your corner. To know [Cash] was in my corner, quite frankly that was my rock.”

Check out the official music video here, and be sure to pick up your pre-order to get the album September 9th!