Ashley Monroe shares the story behind her song “If Love Was Fair” in recent interview.

She starts the interview by sharing how the song was going to end, stating:

“When we finished writing it, we were thinking, should we say say love isn’t fair at the end? WE should cause it’s not.”

This is the kind of personality that helps Monroe take the reigns on her Traditional Country style.

She goes on to talk about what the conversations were with her co-writers on the song stating:

“we were just talking about the fact that love isn’t fair, and I thought it would be a cool idea to write about if love was fair.”

From the low gritty vocals of the verses, to the soaring chorus, as she says, the song is really stands out.

Check out the full interview in the video above, you can also find this song on iTunes here.

Ashley has been playing a lot of live shows, as well as one that reunited the Pistol Annies.

Watch that full video here, as all three of the trio including Miranda Lambert to give that crowd a surprise.

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