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Nashville Tourism:

2016: Nashville named 10th friendliest city in the world from the 2016 poll by Conde Naste Traveller. In a rumbling world of life music and friendly historic attractions, Nashville sure has its perks. One can’t deny the amount of activities and attractions for tourists who come to Nashville every day.

As the saying goes, “We came on vacation and never left” has never been truer. Especially with the outstanding growth of move-ins everyday, let alone tourists. Also stated in the article:

“Nashville’s atmosphere is hard to match: Music City, with its ever-present guitar strum, “has so much character, is the perfect size, has great live music, delicious restaurants, friendly people, affordable accommodations… the list goes on.”

Whether it’s the Grand Ole Opry, State Capitol, or a stroll down Broadway, there will be something for anybody. While you’re down on Broadway, you may as well find some Hot Chicken or swing by Jack’s BBQ to top off the trip.

Many other smaller U.S. cities made it on this world wide list, however what sets Nashville apart is it’s little town attitude. Most people who come here are from small towns and this is the big city, full of musicians and good vibes. What else is there to love?

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